Realm – module file was created by an older version of compiler

I use latest version of xcode and swift 2.2. One of my projects, which I havent open for several month now not building, because of error
module file was created by an older version of compiler

I tried the following

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    1. Removed realm frameworks from project, then download the latest version from and copy the new frameworks to project
    2. Building realm by build from github sources with REALM_SWIFT_VERSION=2.2 and adding to project

    Neither of these helped, still got error.

    Any advices ?

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    Can you try the following?

    • Delete derived data
    • Clean the build folder (click on Xcode’s Product menu while holding down the Option key, and choose the Clean Build Folder menu item)

    Sometimes simply performing a clean build isn’t sufficient to flush the invalid intermediate products or cached data.

    I had this issue when upgrading from Swift 2.2 to Swift 3.0, specifically for Realm Swift cocoapod. I think this solution should work for this general issue. Here is what worked for me:

    (1) Go to derived data folder /Users/(yourUserName)/Library/Developer/Xcode/DerivedData

    (2) Select project with error

    (3) Delete

    (4) Clean project

    (5) Run

    Cleaning initially did not work for me. Hope this helps!

    I faced the same issue when used Swift 3.2 in my project. After upgrading to Swift 4.0 issue disappeared. Cleaning project folder, derived data, restarting Mac – nothing helped.