reduce camera/photo library image file size for less than 100 KB in iphone

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Easiest way to reduce image size in kilos is to reduce the size in pixels! Scale it smaller:

CGFloat scaleSize = 0.2f;
UIImage *smallImage = [UIImage imageWithCGImage:image.CGImage

Apple’s docs state:

The quality of the resulting JPEG image, expressed as a value from 0.0
to 1.0. The value 0.0 represents the maximum compression (or lowest
quality) while the value 1.0 represents the least compression (or best

And since the compression quality is a CGFloat, it supports decimal places beyond the tenths place. That being said, try:

NSData *imageData = UIImageJPEGRepresentation(image, 0.032);

First resize the image with below method:

- (UIImage *)resizeImage:(UIImage*)image newSize:(CGSize)newSize {
    UIGraphicsBeginImageContextWithOptions(newSize, NO, 0.0);
    [image drawInRect:CGRectMake(0, 0, newSize.width, newSize.height)];
    UIImage *newImage = UIGraphicsGetImageFromCurrentImageContext();
    return newImage;

call this by:

UIImage *newImage=yourImage;
CGSize size=CGSizeMake(newImage.size.width/8,newImage.size.height/8);
newImage=[self resizeImage:newImage newSize:size];

And finally compressed your image as required:

NSData *imageData = UIImageJPEGRepresentation(newImage, 0.5);
NSLog(@"Size of image = %lu KB",(imageData.length/1024));