Reduce the Xcode Simulator (Retina 4 inch)

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You can scale it with the following shortcuts:

  • +1: 100%
  • +2: 75%
  • +3: 50%
  • +4: 33%
  • +5: 25%

Or in iOS Simulator: Window > Scale > ...

The iOS Simulator’s Window menu has an option to display the simulator at 50%, 75%, or 100%. Try one of the smaller values to make it fit.

Now It’s more flexible with Xcode 9-Simulator.

You can pick & drag any corner or simulator to resize it and set it according to your requirement.

enter image description here

There are several other ways also, to scale your simulator.

Using Terminal Command

Follow these steps to scale simulator using terminal commands

  1. Close/Quit simulator. (if open)
  2. Open Terminal app (using Spotlight search, Press ⌘ + SPACE to open spotlight search)
  3. Copy following text and paste it next to terminal cursor.

defaults write ~/Library/Preferences/ SimulatorWindowLastScale "0.3"

  1. Open ‘Simulator’ (Run your iOS project using Xcode).

You will find simulator scale update.

Simulator scale options from Xcode Menu:

Menubar >> Window >> Scale >> “Here available options for simulator scaling”

Here is ref snapshot:
enter image description here