Reducing the initial delay when playing remote video content

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  1. Use
    [MPMoviePlayerControllerInstance prepareToPlay]
    as soon as you know that the user
    might start playback of a movie. You
    might also want set
    MPMoviePlayeController.autoPlay to
    something that fits best, depending
    on your application.

    From Apple’s Documentation;

    This method is called
    automatically when you call the play
    method. Calling it before you call
    play gives the receiver a chance to
    prepare items sooner and may result in
    decreased latency when starting
    playback. However, calling this method
    may also interrupt any active audio

  2. Make sure your HTTP stream contains
    a low bandwidth alternative using
    less than 64Kbps (audio and video combined). Note that the
    MPMoviePlayerController usually
    starts buffering the low rate
    playback index profile before
    raising the bar and attempting to
    load higher bandwidth profiles. It
    will be prepared to play once it has
    a few seconds worth of movie data.

  3. Use the
    property when initializing your
    player to cut down the media
    recognition delay.

    From the MPMoviePlayerController
    Class Reference:

    The default value of this property is
    MPMovieSourceTypeUnknown. This
    property provides a clue to the
    playback system as to how it should
    download and buffer the movie content.
    If you know the source type of the
    movie, setting the value of this
    property before playback begins can
    improve the load times for the movie
    content. If you do not set the source
    type explicitly before playback, the
    movie player controller must gather
    this information, which might delay