Register device using test account on iphone SDK?

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From Authorize.Net support:

If they are referring to the actual app please be advised that
currently the app will not work for test accounts but if they are
talking about the SDK, they will need to register the phone first by
using “MobileDeviceRegistrationRequest” the first time they use a new
phone. The phone will show up for approval in their Settings page when
they login to their Authorize.Net account. Once they approved it they
can login by using “MobileDeviceLoginRequest”.

Code For registration of device

MobileDeviceRegistrationRequest *registrationRequest=[MobileDeviceRegistrationRequest mobileDeviceRegistrationRequest]; @"Current API Login ID";
registrationRequest.anetApiRequest.merchantAuthentication.password = @"Current Transaction Key";

registrationRequest.mobileDevice.phoneNumber = @"Mobile no.";
registrationRequest.mobileDevice.mobileDeviceId=   @"Device udid";

[AuthNet authNetWithEnvironment:ENV_TEST];
AuthNet *an = [AuthNet getInstance];
[an setDelegate:self];
[an mobileDeviceRegistrationRequest:registrationRequest];

Remember that once device is register from site
than comment the below code

[an mobileDeviceRegistrationRequest:registrationRequest];

because once device is registered then no need to register again other wise give give error.