Renaming umbrella header

I have a naming conflict with the Umbrella header. My framework name is “SecureData”, but I want to have an objective-c class in this framework called “SecureData”.

The problem is that the umbrella header has to be called “SecureData.h” and I can’t figure out how to specify a different name for the umbrella header in xcode settings. Is this possible, or do I just need to come up with a different name?

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    It’s Possible.

    You can specify a different name for the umbrella header by Module Map File.

    1. Create new modulemap file for Project.

      framework module XXXProject {
         umbrella header "XXNewumbrellaName.h"
         export *
         module * { export * }
    2. Specify modulemap file: Build Settings -> Packaging -> Module Map File

    Ok, You expected effect is achieved.

    I hope this will help you.