RLMObject with Array of NSStrings

I’ve been upgrading a project to use Realm as the persistence store and I’m not able to find any documentation on how to use an array of strings in one of my models.

The implementation of an Array for a RLMObject is to use an RLMArray where T inherits RLMObject

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  • I could make an object that inherits.. property inside which is string… but that seems like quite some overhead to replace an NSArray of strings.

    Does anyone know the recommended best practice to do this?

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    As of Realm Cocoa 3.0 you can simply do RLMArray<RLMString> *array; and no longer need the wrapper object type.

    In older versions of Realm you need an RLMObject which contains the string:

    @interface StringObject : RLMObject
    @property NSString *value;
    @implementation StringObject
    @interface Object : RLMObject
    @property RLMArray<StringObject> *array;