Running iOS app on a different Mac / simulator

I have built a demo iOS app on my Mac. My client wants to get the executable and run it on his iOS simulator on his Mac so as to give me feedbacks. I have an Apple developer account and I can deploy my app to my iPad / iPhone or distribute it via AppStore. But I don’t know how to generate an iOS simulator executable for him. He only wants the iOS simulator executable. Does anyone have tried this before?

P.S. I can’t really distribute it via AppStore since it is just a demo app. It is very likely rejected. Plus, I have to send it to him today so I don’t think Apple can pass my app within a day.

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  • P.P.S. I can’t give him the source code unless he pays me. But it is not possible after a month.

    Please help. Thanks in advance!

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    You need to send him the Application folder under the iPhone Simulator folder.

    You can find it here:

    ~/Library/Application Support/iPhone Simulator/<Simulator-Version>/Applications/

    Application Folder

    Or you can send just the one app you need from ~/Library/Application\ Support/iPhone\ Simulator/7.0/Applications/GUID-OF-YOUR-APP

    Just give him a copy of the Xcode project and let him build and run the app on his iOS Simulator. Or you could distribute an Ad Hoc or Enterprise version which he can then install on his/her iPhone via iTunes.

    Midhun MP answer is good but in case of solution don’t work then in emergency sometimes making video and sending it to client would help. This tool provide light weight video creation.

    You can resize it for your simulator.

    i have used a similar tool called Simulator Bundler in a recent project with no issues,

    Building upon this answer by @Midhun, for later versions of Xcode (Xcode 6, Xcode 7 and Xcode 8 in my research), the simulators now live here:


    I was actually trying to use an app built on Xcode 8 for iOS8 simulator and get it to run on an ios7 simulator from Xcode 6 on another Mac. I couldn’t find out how to simply copy files around but I did manage to copy the folder to the other Mac, then install it using

    xcrun simctl install 6DC6323C-504C-423F-ACD6-652557B33D48

    where you need to replace 6DC6323C-504C-423F-ACD6-652557B33D48 with your simulator device type ID (find using xcrun simctl list devices).