Saving multiple objects in Parse taking more than 1 API request?

From what I can tell from the Parse docs and Stack Overflow, the PFObject.saveAllInBackground will only require 1 API request to save all the objects.
My method saves an object, then comes back and saveAlls 2 more objects. This seems like it should take only 2 API requests, however Parse Analytics is telling me that it is taking 3.
Any guesses?
Here is the code:

         // Create new Vote object
            var voteObject = PFObject(className: "Votes")

            voteObject.saveInBackgroundWithBlock {
                (succeeded: Bool!, error: NSError!) -> Void in
                if (succeeded == true){

                  // Add relation for postObject

                  // Add relation for user object

                    PFObject.saveAllInBackground([self.postObject, PFUser.currentUser()], block: {
                        (succeeded: Bool!, error: NSError!) -> Void in

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  • Solutions Collect From Internet About “Saving multiple objects in Parse taking more than 1 API request?”

    The saveAll method no longer counts as 1 API call. It now counts as 1 API call for EACH object being saved. See here for more info: