SDKROOT path for latest SDK

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Newer Xcode versions have the SDKs inside the bundle, e.g.


You get the list of installed SDKs together with their path by running

xcodebuild -sdk -version

from the command line.

If you have installed the “Command Line Tools” (Xcode Preferences -> Downloads -> Components) then compiling without “-syslibroot” should be equivalent to compiling against the latest SDK.

See the help to the “Command Line Tools” package:

Downloading this package will install copies of the core command line
tools and system headers into system folders, including the LLVM
compiler, linker, and build tools.

With xcodebuild -version -sdk macosx10.7 Path you can get the Path to the OS X 10.7 SDK.
You may replace 10.7 by ${SDK_VERSION} or ${HOST_VERSION} depending on your needs.
I know of no command to obtain the version of OS X, which could be used to obtain the Path to the SDK matching the version of OS X currently running.

Note: for xcodebuild to work, the user must have configured xcode-select properly, for example xcode-select -switch /Application/

As stated in another stackoverflow question:

xcrun --sdk macosx --show-sdk-path