Show test ads on real device

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This fixed it for me!

Product -> Scheme -> Arguments -> Environment Variables if there is a key: OS_ACTIVITY_MODE, disable/remove it.

As mentioned in admob guide

while running the app in device you get the below log

<Google> To get test ads on this device, call: request.testDevices = @[
@"2077ef9a63d2b398840261c8221a0c9b" ];

use that id instead of UDID.

As I understood your, I concate your UDID and ID in the log. This is wrong.

You this – pure ID :

let request = GADRequest()
        request.testDevices = [kGADSimulatorID, "2F32d69CCA859FFB559D0FEA3CF6483D08A6"]