Sprite moves two places after being paused and then unpaused

I am having trouble figuring out the solution to this and am starting to get very frustrated with it.

I have a pause button and an unpause button in my game scene to allow the player to pause the game, which is the following code

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  •  else if (node == pauseButton) {
            self.runAction (SKAction.runBlock(self.pauseGame))
    func pauseGame(){
        pauseButton.hidden = true
        unpauseButton.hidden = false
        scene!.view!.paused = true // to pause the game


    The problem is that when I pause the game then unpause the game my player sprite seems to move two spaces forward automatically

    I also have a tap and swipe gesture that allows me to move the player up left right and down when I tap anywhere on the screen.

    func tapUp(){
        let amountToMove:CGFloat = levelUnitHeight
        let move:SKAction = SKAction.moveByX(0, y: amountToMove, duration: 0.1)
        menubutton.hidden = true
        settingsButton.hidden = true
        highscoreLabel.hidden = true
        pauseButton.hidden = false
    func swipedRight(){
        let amountToMove:CGFloat = levelUnitHeight
        let move:SKAction = SKAction.moveByX(amountToMove, y: 0, duration: 0.1)
        thePlayer.runAction(move) // links the action with the players

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    As the member above me said the player is not really moving 2 spaces.

    Also you should maybe change your strategy when pausing your game, because pausing the scene.view makes it very hard to add SpriteKit elements afterwards.

    I think a better way is to create a worldNode in your GameScene and add all the sprites that need to be paused to that worldNode. It basically gives you more flexibility pausing a node rather than the whole scene.

    First create a world node property

     let worldNode = SKNode()

    and add it to the scene in ViewDidLoad


    Than add all the sprites you need paused to the worldNode


    Create a global enum for your game states

    enum GameState {
        case Playing
        case Paused
        case GameOver
        static var current = GameState.Playing

    Than make a pause and resume func in your game scene

    func pause() {
        GameState.current = .Paused
        // show pause menu etc
    func resume() {
        GameState.current = .Playing
        self.physicsWorld.speed = 1
        worldNode.paused = false

    And finally add the actual pause code to your updateMethod. This way it will not resume the game even if spriteKit itself tries to resume (e.g. reopened app, dismissed alert etc)

     override func update(currentTime: CFTimeInterval) {
         if GameState.current == .Paused {
              self.physicsWorld.speed = 0
              worldNode.paused = true

    In regards to your tapGesture recogniser, in the method that gets called after a tap you can add this before the rest of the code

     guard GameState.current != .Paused else { return }

    Hope this helps