Sticker Pack Interface Builder Storyboard Compiler Error Group

WWDC 2016 came up with a new concept of creating Sticker Pack & push it to store from iOS10 onwards. I downloaded XCode 8 Beta, & tried to create a sticker pack app for the message extensions.

I did everything as explained but on building the project I am getting error

  • Send POST request using NSURLSession
  • “Application tried to present modally an active controller”?
  • Breakpoint pointing out “objc_autoreleaseNoPool”
  • Method to find device's camera resolution iOS
  • Storing and retrieving a long array from NSUserDefaults
  • kCGImageAlphaNone unresolved identifier in swift
  • Interface Builder Storyboard Compiler Error Group

    Strange thing is for Sticker Pack we don’t need to write any code, but still it is showing error of Interface Builder.

    I am getting this error under build time

    IB Error

    I have also reported this to apple, but would like to know if anyone has any idea to remove this & execute my code.

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    In my case, I rename application xcode-beta to xcode 8.0b in finder. After what IDE cann’t open any xib and storyboard.
    Solution: don’t rename app.

    enter image description here

    I found the solution:

    When you will download the Xcode-beta & when you will unzip the .xip file, the xcode-beta will present in same folder where the min file is downloaded, strange thing is that apple is not automatically pushing xcode-beta to Application folder.

    If you are experiencing the same issue, push the xcode-beta executable to Applications folder, & execute your project from there & you will find that it will work like charm.

    Got it working finally. In my case, Xcode was there in the Applications folder, but for some reason it was named “Xcode-beta 2”. Renamed it to “Xcode-beta”, restarted the application, cleared derived data, and it started working.