Storyboard doesn't apply changes after using Base Internationalization

I’m localizing my app. I have already accomplished Use Base Internationalization and added 1 set language of files: MainStoryboard.strings (French) & InfoPlist.strings (French) which works fine.

My problem is that any changes I now make to the MainStoryboard.storyboard (like changing a label field font color) do not reflect the change when I run the app.

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    Xcode will compile your storyboard to something like MainStoryboard.storyboardc and store the storyboardc file in

    <Your app folder>/Build/Products/Debug-iphonesimulator/<Your app name>.app/Base.lproj/MainStoryboard.storyboardc

    I believe there is a bug in the mechanism of Base Internationalization, which makes Xcode just use the old storyboardc rather than compile a new one. Thus, your changes to storyboard will not appear after using Base Internationalization.

    To solve it, just remove the Build folder.

     rm -rf Build/

    Xcode will compile storyboard again after deleting the folder.

    If it still doesn’t work, you may need to reset your simulator.