Submission of ios app: invalid team id

I have a problem with the submission of an ios app on my customer itunes connect account.

Let me describs current accounts:

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    • My Apple Id account is joined into my organization Apple Id as admin.
    • My customer has joined me in their itunes connect account with technical role.

    Now I need to submit my developed app to the itunes connect account of my customer.

    In xcode, I have Archive and Export binaries using my apple id (and a team id).

    When I use Application Loader to submit the IPA, Apple reject my build with this error:
    “Invalid team id in signature – The code signature in bundle ‘BUNDLE_ID’ at ‘APP_NAME’ has a team identifier value that is different from your team identifier ’26RWXXXXXX’.”

    Think is normal because I want to send a signed app with with apple id account to another itunes connect account.

    But how can I submit with only itunes connect account?

    My customer is strict on this: “I only need the iTunes Connect account to submit the app”.

    Help Please.

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    I have encountered exactly the same error today. It turns out that the client has to add the developer in both iTunes Connect and > People > Invitations (I missed this). Otherwise the new team will not appear in Xcode > Preference > Accounts. Only when the new team shows up, you can then sign the app with new team ID.

    In your Xcode export the binary by logging in as Admin.Xcode>> Preferences>> Account.
    Hope you know how to create the distribution certificate

    For more info look into this.