Swift 2 GMSPanoramaCallback to determine if Google Street View is available

I am trying to use the method

panoViewService.requestPanoramaNearCoordinate(coordinate: CLLocationCoordinate2D: CLLocationCoordinate2D, callback: GMSPanoramaCallback)

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  • where panoViewService = GMSPanoramaService()

    to check if a Google Street View is present for a particular coordinate. I am unclear on what is returned by the callback and how I can use it to load the street view if it is present or to load an alternative view if not. I know there are similar questions already posted, but none are for Swift 2 and I don’t know how to adapt the Obj-C code for Swift.

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    Ok, I figured it out. The following code does what I need.

    var panoViewService = GMSPanoramaService()
    override func viewDidLoad() {
         let coord = place.position // data loaded from previous ViewController
         panoViewService.requestPanoramaNearCoordinate(coord, radius: 100) {
              GMSPanorama: GMSPanorama?, NSError: NSError?) in
             if GMSPanorama != nil {  // could have also used if NSError == nil
                  // code to load my panorama view here
             } else {
                 // do something else here