Swift Alamofire VS AFNetworking

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Use AFNetworking if you use Objective-C

Use Alamofire if you use Swift

AFNetworking and Alamofire are by the same people (the Alamofire Software Foundation), Alamofire is their Swift version whereas AFNetworking is the Objective-C version.

Feature wise they are the same.

If you are developing app using Objective-C then you must go with the AFNetworking.

Other wise if you are developing with the Swift then try the latest release of Alamofire.

In both the libraries Networking is done asynchronously. Only difference is Alamofire is no longer supported on iOS 7 due to the lack of support for frameworks.


  • This is the objective -C version of the library.
  • This is very powerful and you could install this in your swift project and use it as a bridge to the swift project.


  • This is swift version of the AFNetworking.
  • But not all the features which are in AFNetworking aren’t included in.

If you are good at Objective-C use AFNetworking. If not, use Alamofire. It is simple and many resources are available for Swift.