Swift put multiple IBOutlets in an Array

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you can define a generic outlet collection in Swift like this:

@IBOutlet var collectionOfViews: Array<UIView>?

or for e.g. UIButton objects:

@IBOutlet var collectionOfButtons: Array<UIButton>?

you can find your collections under the Outlet Collections group as usually are in the File’s Owner:

Outlet Collections

it would look on my console after connecting 5 random buttons:

Connected UIButton instances to Collection

Solution here Swift – IBOutletCollection equivalent

@IBOutlet var objectCollection: [Object]

Start with the two view pane where you see both your code and the storyboard. When you make your first IBOutlet connection from the UI to your code, just look carefully at the Connection drop down field and select the option called “Outlet Collection”. This will automatically create an array of IBOutlets. Next just look for the little black circle within a circle that is placed in your code where the array is created. Just drag from this circle to all the other UI objects you want to connect to that same collection (not sure if you can mix types). Similarly you can connect all the objects to one Action by dragging from the first black dot created to all the other objects you want to wire up to that action. Also consider EnumerateSequence() to help in working with this Collection. Sweet right?