Swift – UITableView scroll event

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You can add UIScrollViewDelegate. After that you can implement scrollViewDidScroll method.

You can set property of UITable view (XCode 7+)

In Storyboard:
In Storyboard

in Code:

tableView.keyboardDismissMode = .onDrag
override func scrollViewWillEndDragging(scrollView: UIScrollView, withVelocity velocity: CGPoint, targetContentOffset: UnsafeMutablePointer<CGPoint>) {

            NSLog("dragging Up");
            NSLog("dragging Down");

I believe the complete solution would be the following:

func scrollViewDidScroll(_ scrollView: UIScrollView) {
    if scrollView == feedTableView {
        let contentOffset = scrollView.contentOffset.y
        print("contentOffset: ", contentOffset)
        if (contentOffset > self.lastKnowContentOfsset) {
            print("scrolling Down")
            print("dragging Up")
        } else {
            print("scrolling Up")
            print("dragging Down")

func scrollViewDidEndDragging(_ scrollView: UIScrollView, willDecelerate decelerate: Bool) {
    if scrollView == feedTableView {
        self.lastKnowContentOfsset = scrollView.contentOffset.y
        print("lastKnowContentOfsset: ", scrollView.contentOffset.y)

The previous answers weren’t 100% accurate.

Explanation: scrollViewDidEndDragging will be called when the scrolling stops, therefore we save the last know offset. After that we compare it with the current offset in the delegate method scrollViewDidScroll.