SwiftyJSON – 'inout JSON' is not convertible to 'JSON'

I’m facing a JSON parsing issue I’ve no idea how to fix.

I need this part of the JSON data

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  • "columns": {
    "created_at": "DESC",
    "id": "DESC"

    to be stored in a [String: String]? optional dictionary. So, this is the code I’m using:

    self.columns = json["columns"].dictionary?.map { 
    (key, value) -> (String, String) in
                return (key, value.stringValue)

    This however produces a compiler error:

    ‘inout JSON’ is not convertible to ‘JSON’

    I should probably add that this is part of a pretty large piece of JSON data, and this is the only one causing issues.

    Any clues would be most appreciated, I’m kind of stuck on this one.

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    Michael, I parse JSON with routine, cannot help but think it is a little more simplistic than yours, but it works 🙂 filesQ.enqueue is an array in essence it adds the fields I want to.

    func jsonParser(json2parse: AnyObject, field2file: String) -> Int {
        if (json2parse is NSDictionary) {
            for (key,value) in json2parse as! NSDictionary {
                switch (value) {
                case is NSDictionary:
                    self.jsonParser(value as! NSDictionary, field2file: field2file)
                case is NSArray:
                    self.jsonParseArray(value as! NSArray, field2file: field2file)
                case is NSString:
                    parsedJson[key as! String] = value
                    if (key as! String == field2file) {
                        let file2file = self.parsedJson[field2file] as? String
                        filesQ.enqueue("ignore", theFile: file2file!)
    func jsonParseArray(json2parse: AnyObject, field2file: String) {
        for (item) in json2parse as! NSArray {
            self.jsonParser(item, field2file: field2file)

    Please send me back a copy if you managed to improve it!