System group container for path

When i run my application in ios 10 using xcode 8 i am getting below message in debug console but everything is working fine. My application is using camera and photo library, and i had added ” Privacy – Camera Usage Description ” and “Privacy – Photo Library Usage Description“in info.plist. Can any one tell me why this message in comming

[MC] System group container for path is

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    If everything is working fine, then you should disregard these log messages. iOS has been printing a lot of irrelevant debug messages lately and I’m betting this is just another one of them.

    You can also try this answer from another question that seems to remove most irrelevant logs.

    From iOS 10.x we need to add the Privacy Permissions for Photo library, Camera and Contacts. As you said, once you add the Keys like

    “Privacy – Photo Library Usage Description”

    then you will be able to use those internal apps inside your app.

    In my case app was crashing when I use Camera and Photo lib inside my app without these entries in Info.plist.