TableView is not showing data?

I have place this question before on following link with code & screenshot.

TableView is not loading data?

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  • Now I came to know my tableview is loading data in tableview cell but not showing/displaying it. I have one Model View Controller in my project. The ModelView controller get called from Mapviewcontroller screen through Search Button. After resigning the Model view controller I can see the data in tableview. (It means when I move to next controller and back to previous tableview.. my tableview shows data in it.)

    Here I my data get visible in tableview only after resigning the modelview controller…..
    Everything works fine. I just want to know how should I display the tableview data as soon as web-service get called on first screen itself???

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    Put [_tableView reloadData]; at the end of the method that calls the web-service, or the one that populates the markers array.

    If you are manipulating table data in an asynchronous Block,
    pass a reference of the tableview to the method implementing the block, and remember to call

    [tableview reloadData]; 

    within the block, and not out outside