Transparent background WKWebView (NSView)

I am building a Mac application using Swift. Therefor, I want to make a WKWebView transparent, so it shows the text of the loaded HTML, but the background of my underlaying NSWindow is visible.
I tried

webView.layer?.backgroundColor = NSColor.clearColor().CGColor;

which hadn’t any effect. WKWebView inherits from NSView, but I don’t know if this helps.

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  • Another solution would be to insert a NSVisualEffectView as the background of the WebView, but I don’t know how to accomplish that, either!

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    It was not supported, then they fixed it:

    The way to make it transparent is to:

    myWebView.opaque = false

    Code below works for me perfectly, also color is set to clearColor by default.

    [wkWebView setValue:YES forKey:@"drawsTransparentBackground"];

    Use this in macOS 10.12 and higher:

    webView.setValue(false, forKey: "drawsBackground")