Typedef redefinition of UInt32 in MacTypes.h, from definition in CFBase.h

I’m getting a typedef redefinition error on two lines in MacTypes.h, in the following chunk of code:

#if __LP64__
typedef unsigned int                    UInt32;
typedef signed int                      SInt32;
typedef unsigned long                   UInt32; // error here
typedef signed long                     SInt32; // error here

The Clang error points to the following previous definition, in CFBase.h (in CoreFoundation.framework):

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  • #if !defined(__MACTYPES__)
    #if !defined(_OS_OSTYPES_H)
    typedef unsigned char           Boolean;
    typedef unsigned char           UInt8;
    typedef signed char             SInt8;
    typedef unsigned short          UInt16;
    typedef signed short            SInt16;
    typedef unsigned int            UInt32; // previous definition is here
    typedef signed int              SInt32; // previous definition is here
    typedef uint64_t            UInt64;
    typedef int64_t         SInt64;
    typedef SInt32                  OSStatus;

    This is very strange, since __LP64__ is apparently always true on the Mac platform, so why is that typedef even being evaluated? And why is there a path of compilation in which two OS-provided definitions are contradicting each other?

    EDIT: Here is a screenshot of the errors in Xcode.

    Xcode error output

    I’ve blanked out the path of the file that includes <Carbon/Carbon.h> since it contains the name of my client (the file is the same for both errors). The full path names below that are as follows (all contained within Xcode.app/Contents/Developer/Platforms/MacOSX.platform/Developer/SDKs/MacOSX10.8.sdk/System/Library/Frameworks):

    • Carbon.framework/Headers/Carbon.h:20
    • CoreServices.framework/Headers/CoreServices.h:18
    • CoreServices.framework/Frameworks/AE.framework/Headers/AE.h:20
    • CoreServices.framework/Frameworks/CarbonCore.framework/Headers/CarbonCore.h:27
    • CoreServices.framework/Frameworks/CarbonCore.framework/Headers/MacTypes.h:27


    In my own code, just before #include <Carbon/Carbon.h> I’ve added the following:

    #if __LP64__
    #error Has LP64
    #error Doesn't have LP64

    …and I’m getting the ‘Doesn’t have LP64’ error, so this seems to be the root of the problem. However, when I compile the following in Sublime Text 2 (with SublimeClang)…

    int main()
        #if __LP64__
        #error Has LP64
        #error Doesn't have LP64
        return 0;

    …I get “Has LP64”. Doing a project text search for #define __LP64__ I can’t find anything in my project, and when searching for __LP64__ it just comes up with a load of #ifs and #ifdefs. Does anyone know where this error could have come from?

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    In the end it turned out this problem was due to multiple installs of Xcode: I had recently installed Xcode 4.4 (from the App Store) and I still had an install of Xcode 3 somewhere. I solved this by running uninstall-devtools which removed Xcode 3, along with all its various paths in the Library and Developer folders. I’m not sure why conflicting installs of Xcode would cause a problem like this, but removing Xcode 3 solved it. I hope this helps anyone who has a problem like this – it’s certainly not what I expected the problem to be.