UIDatePicker in UIDatePickerModeCountDownTimer mode: how to get/set the hours and minutes via code?

How to get/set the hours and minutes via code from a UIDatePicker in UIDatePickerModeCountDownTimer mode?

The situation:

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    • I have an interface in that a user selects just hours and minutes. Then, he saves the information (so, I have to get the hours and minutes from UIDatePicker via code to save in a DB).

    • When the user is editing the information saved previously, I want to start the interface with the saved hours/minutes (so, I have to set the UIDatePicker hours and minutes via code with values from DB).

    How do I do that with the UIDatePicker in UIDatePickerModeCountDownTimer mode?

    Thanks in advance.

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    You have to use the countDownDuration property in UIDatePicker when the date picker mode is set to UIDatePickerModeCountDownTimer.

    The countdown duration is in seconds, so you can calculate that from a NSDate as follows (to test it just drop it into the viewDidLoad of any UIViewController):

    // Create a new date with the current time
    NSDate *date = [NSDate new];
    // Split up the date components
    NSDateComponents *time = [[NSCalendar currentCalendar] 
                                components:NSHourCalendarUnit | NSMinuteCalendarUnit 
    NSInteger seconds = ([time hour] * 60 * 60) + ([time minute] * 60);
    UIDatePicker *picker = [UIDatePicker new];
    [picker setDatePickerMode:UIDatePickerModeCountDownTimer];
    [picker setCountDownDuration:seconds];
    [[self view] addSubview:picker];

    So if the current time is 17:28, the UIDatePicker will show “17 hours 28 mins”. Simly replace the NSDate with the one you get from the DB and you should be sorted 🙂