Unable to create snapshots with XCode

I am unable to take any more snapshots of a particular project of mine in XCode. If I try to create a snapshot, it says ‘Creating snapshot ..’ in the status bar and goes on forever. I then force quit the Xcode, relaunch and try creating a snapshot again. This time it straight away gives the error message ‘..remove file manually .. …lock’. So I then remove the shown file using the rm command in terminal. And then I again try creating the snapshot and the same cycle continues.

How can I fix this issue?

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  • I had been taking snapshots for this project for a long time and one day had to delete all the old snapshots as I suddenly realized that they are taking up 12+ GB! Even now if I try to create a snapshot for this project it reaches 3 GB in a few minutes and then I force-quit it.
    (I am pretty certain this used to work perfectly until some time back and didn’t take gigabytes in space.)

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    I too had the same problem and this is how I fixed it:

    I noticed in Xcode -> Organizer -> Repositories that my whole ~/username folder was showing up as a repository. I tried deleting it in Xcode but it kept returning. Previously, before I had installed Xcode 4, and using Xcode 3, I had installed GIT and cloned opdenkamp/xbmc to my home folder. Through a lack of knowledge on the use of GIT, I had made my whole folder a repository and every time I tried to make a snapshot of my project in Xcode it was making a snapshot of ~/username (or some other process) that was taking for ever and creating a multi GB file in ~/Library/Developer/Xcode/Snapshots/ . In fact I would “force quit” Xcode to stop the process.

    So I deleted the repository in Xcode, I quite Xcode then in the terminal I typed from my home directory ~/username

    sudo rm -r .git

    Probably not a good idea if there are repositories that you want to keep (which was not a problem for me) but now making a snapshot of an xcode project takes a second and generates a file that is of the order of the Xcode project and not now in the multi GB ball park

    Since you tagged this question git, I suspect git is the cause of your problem. I have found Xcode snapshots do not work if the project is in a git repository. If you need to take a snapshot, a workaround is to move the .git folder out of your project temporarily, take the snapshot, and move the .git folder back.

    the easiest fix is to make sure you have “Enable Source Control” checked in Xcode’s Preferences (Source Control tab)