Unsupported compiler 'GCC 4.2' selected for architecture 'armv7'

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you should actually select the LLVM compiler under “Compiler Version” instead of trying to set “Valid Architectures”

xcode build errors:

Unsupported compiler ‘GCC 4.2′ selected for architecture ‘i386′


This can be caused by importing a project for a pre- iOS 5 SDK into a copy of xcode with iOS 5 SDK only.

To fix, click your

Project -> Build Settings.  

Then under Build Options, there is an entry for Compiler for C/C++/Objective-C. Choose Apple LLVM compiler 3.0.

There is a chance this could effect other aspects of your binaries as you are using a new compiler, so YMMV. That being said, it’s so far caused no issues for me.

If you have multiple projects included within a single xCode project, go to editor>Validate project settings. This will set the compiler to LLVM 5.0 even if you don’t see that option normally

Go to BuildSettings->BuildOptions->CompilerFor c/c++/Objective C and change that to LLVM GCC 4.2 from ‘Unsupported Compiler GCC4.2’