Updating to latest version of cocoapods?

I’m having some issues installing Alamofire 4.0 into my project.

I’ve got the latest version of Xcode, running Swift 3, and when I try to install alamofire I’m getting like 800 compiler errors.

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  • Apparently

    CocoaPods 1.1.0+ is required to build Alamofire 4.0.0+

    I looked at the version of CocoaPods I have in terminal and it says I’m at 1.0.1.

    Running an update didn’t work I guess because CocoaPods 1.1 is in beta.

    So I’m not exactly sure how to update it up to where I’m good to go.
    Unless being out of date doesn’t force like 800 compiler errors? Does that sound like some other issue?

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    Execute the following on your terminal to get the latest stable version:

    sudo gem install cocoapods

    Add --pre to get the latest pre release:

    sudo gem install cocoapods --pre

    Open the terminal

    Copy command:

    sudo gem install cocoapods

    It will install the latest stable version of cocoapods.

    after that, you need to update pod using below command

    pod setup

    I tried updating and didn’t work. Finally , I had to completely remove (manually )cocoapods, cocoapods-core , cocoapods-try.. any other package use by cocoa pods. Use this terminal command to list all the packages : gem list --local | grep cocoa pods

    After that , I also delete ./cocoapods folder from user root folder.

    I change the line “pod ‘Alamofire’, ‘~> 4.0′” to “pod ‘Alamofire’, :git => ‘https://github.com/Alamofire/Alamofire’, :commit => ‘3cc5b4e'” after that in terminal: “pod install –repo-update” and it works.

    For those with a sudo-less CocoaPods installation (i.e., you do not want to grant RubyGems admin privileges), you don’t need the sudo command to update your CocoaPods installation:

    gem install cocoapods

    You can find out where the CocoaPods gem is installed with:

    gem which cocoapods

    If this is within your home directory, you should run gem install cocoapods without using sudo.

    Finally, to check which CocoaPods you are currently running type:

    pod --version