Using a NSString to set a color for a label

I want to create a method and use a string value “redColor” to set the UIColor for a label. tableColorName is the NSString “redColor” and I tried to apply a selector to create the UIColor and apply it to my textLabel. Thanks

-(void) changeLabelColor
    SEL labelColor = NSSelectorFromString([NSString stringWithFormat:[@"%@", tableColorName]]);

    UIColor *color = [[UIColor class] performSelector:labelColor];
    self.textLabel.textColor = color;

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    Use this method

    -(UIColor *)giveColorfromStringColor:(NSString *)colorname
        SEL labelColor = NSSelectorFromString(colorname);
        UIColor *color = [UIColor performSelector:labelColor];
        return color;

    Call as

    [view setBackgroundColor:[self giveColorfromStringColor:@"redColor"]];

    The method name takes colorname as input and gives the corresponding UIColor

    Thus in your case the call will be

    self.textLabel.textColor = [self giveColorfromStringColor:@"redColor"];