What should Xcode 6 gitignore file include?

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The easiest answer is that mine looks like this:

# Xcode
# Pods - for those of you who use CocoaPods

which I believe is the same .gitignore that GitHub sets up with all their repositories by default.


Another answer is that there’s a website called “gitignore.io” , which generates the files based on the .gitignore templates from https://github.com/github/gitignore.

If you are creating a new project from scratch in Xcode 6 … there is no need for a long .gitignore file anymore, as I pointed out in my last post: Apple optimized the standard project file and folder structure to meet the requirements for clear and straight forward git commits. Apple also ignores two file patterns by default if you create the git repository with a Xcode project template:


They added them to your .git/info/excludes file in your project directory. So no need to re-ignore them in .gitignore 🙂

The only thing I always include in a .gitignore file is the

# Exclude personal Xcode user settings

Refer to Github’s Xcode.gitignore file to always have an updated listing of which Xcode files to ignore.