What to do if Xcode Archiving Utility shows wrong app for validation?

I have two app projects on my mac. Because I was lazy to configure my project again, I just duplicated the entire project folder of my first app and renamed the project. All files in project are always relative to project itself. So it worked very good.

But today I wanted to Build & Archive an update of my first app. It all works with no complaints. But when the Archiving utility of Xcode is done, and I select my archive and click “Validate”, Xcode asks for my iTunes connect credentials. Then I enter them, and in the “Please choose your application record and signing identity” dialogue Xcode offers only one Application for selection. The new (different) App only. But not the app I want to update on the App Store.

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  • In iTunes connect I have my old app still online and clearly there is an App ID for it. But Xcode does not offer selecting this Application.

    But one strange thing: The new App ID I created for my new app, has the same Bundle Seed ID as my old app which is already on the App Store. Is this a problem? Is this why Xcode offers me the wrong app to choose?

    What can cause this problem? Why would Xcode archive validator not detect my app that is already on the app store and offer it for selection for archive validation?

    I did not change my app or bundle ID or anything. All I did the last time was add a new app to iTunes connect but it has a different app ID / bundle ID.

    Help greatly appreciated. Thank you guys.

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    I figured out why. When I created my new app, I went to iTunes connect and added a new App ID and Application, and then clicked “Ready to upload binary“. The mandatory step so Xcode can recognize the app and submit it.

    So this was a long time ago and I totally forgot that I did this. And then I was surprised why Xcode only lists a wrong app to choose in the validator. Of course Xcode only offers what is in iTunes connect marked as “Ready for upload binary” and this was only my new app.

    Now I went there and clicked “Ready to upload binary” for my new version of old app, and VOILLA. Xcode offers it.

    So: Simple mistake, big headache. Hope it will be helpful for someone else in same situation.