When I clean Xcode DerivedData I can't run my app in iOS Simulator

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I was facing this issue when i migrated my project from xcode 6.4 to xcode 7 beta 6.
To solve this issue, you have to :
From top menu options GOTO,
xcode -> Preferences (cmd + ,) -> Locations
select the command line tool to your current version.

Now run your app, it should work fine.

One of the following worked for me:

  • cleaning project (Product/Clean)
  • cleaning derived data (Window/Projects)
  • reopening XCode and the project
  • removing the scheme and re-creating it (Product/Scheme/Manage Schemes)
  • changing location of Derived Data (XCode/Preferences/Locations, changing Derived Data to: Relative)

I had the same issue and noticed that Xcode created few build directories in different places all of a sudden.

So i went to build setting and revisited all build locations, quit Xcode, deleted all build locations directories, started XCode, cleaned build, revisited again and this fixed the issue.

Not sure what caused it at the 1st place though:)