Why does my @lazy property crash, but if I make it non lazy it works?

I have a problem with lazy properties. I thought I got them but maybe I didn’t / maybe it is a bug

I have a lazy array in my class

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  • @lazy var enteredRegions = Array<String>()

    now In

     func application(application: UIApplication, didFinishLaunchingWithOptions launchOptions: NSDictionary?) -> Bool

    I have


    this crashes hard with a EXC_BAD_ACCESS.

    NOW If I remove the @lazy:

        var enteredRegions = Array<String>()

    all works

    so.. whats up with this? 😀 my understanding was that self.enteredRegions would create it anyway

    (I do this with a UIWindow and a CLLocationManager and that works as I thought)

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    After some trial, I found something quite odd.

    First of all, if we wrap the var inside a class, it simply works:

    class RegionManager {
        @lazy var enteredRegions = Array<String>()

    In AppDelegate, I declared a @lazy var regManager = RegionManager().

    Then, in application:didFinishLaunching:, I modify and use the value, it works without spitting a word:

    println("Regions: \(regManager.enteredRegions)") // Regions: [New!]

    After this, I tried to change to some native values, for example, String, Int and so on, they all fail.

    So, my guess is that this strange behaviour is actually a bug of the compiler itself, it may be rooted in some optimization for native types, maybe there’s a inner pool or what that apple doesn’t tell us.