why is my didEnterRegion delegate not called?

I am developing an app that checks for Beacons but I am having issues that my delegate is never run when I enter a region, I know the beacon is ok and broadcasting because I can see it in other beacon apps like “locate beacon”

I have configured the same UUID in the transmitter and the receiver app and I have double verified them so I am sure they are the same, below is my code that starts the locationManager and monitors for the region including the delegate.

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  • Debugs tells me the monitoring is started correctly as per below

    SelfCheckout[2977:845403] location Manager started to monitor regions: {(
    CLBeaconRegion (identifier:'me.netwizards.office', uuid:39876A4B-43B2-4BE8-9A9C-41BAE913D56A, major:(null), minor:(null))

    Below is the class definition that includes the delegate

    @interface ViewController : UIViewController <CLLocationManagerDelegate>

    - (void)viewDidLoad {
        [super viewDidLoad];
        // Do any additional setup after loading the view, typically from a nib.
        // Initialize location manager and set ourselves as the delegate
        self.locationManager = [[CLLocationManager alloc] init];
        self.locationManager.delegate = self;
        [self.locationManager requestWhenInUseAuthorization];
        // Create a NSUUID with the same UUID as the broadcasting beacon
        NSUUID *uuid = [[NSUUID alloc] initWithUUIDString:@"39876A4B-43B2-4BE8-9A9C-41BAE913D56A"];
        // Setup a new region with that UUID and same identifier as the broadcasting beacon
        self.myBeaconRegion = [[CLBeaconRegion alloc] initWithProximityUUID:uuid
        // Tell location manager to start monitoring for the beacon region
        [self.locationManager startMonitoringForRegion:self.myBeaconRegion];
        NSLog(@"location Manager started to monitor");
    - (void)locationManager:(CLLocationManager*)manager didEnterRegion:(CLRegion*)region
        NSLog(@"Did Enter Region");
        [self.locationManager startRangingBeaconsInRegion:self.myBeaconRegion];

    Why is my delegate never called?