Why is my library not able to expand on the CocoaPods website?

I’m trying to access my library’s information through the CocoaPods website, but I’m not able to. All the other libraries seem to be able to expand (mine is MKWeatherUndergroundKit)

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  • Cocoa podspec and path for dependency
  • CocoaPods: point to a branch in pod spec
  • Here is my podspec

    Pod::Spec.new do |s|
    s.name         = "MKWeatherUndergroundKit"
    s.version      = "0.6"
    s.summary      = "A simple iOS and OS X library for retrieving weather information using the Weather Underground API"
    s.homepage     = "https://github.com/MendyK/MKWeatherUndergroundKit"
    s.license      = { :type => "MIT", :file => "LICENSE" }
    s.author             = { "MendyK" => "myEmail@gmail.com" }
    s.social_media_url   = "https://twitter.com/MenndK"
    s.platform     = :ios, '8.0'
    s.source       = { :git => "https://github.com/MendyK/MKWeatherUndergroundKit.git", :tag => "0.6"}
    s.source_files  = "MKWeatherUndergroundKit/*.{h,m}"
    s.resources = "MKWeatherUndergroundKit/Climacons.ttf"
    s.requires_arc = true
    s.frameworks = 'CoreGraphics', 'CoreLocation'

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    You should now be good, http://cocoapods.org/pods/MKWeatherUndergroundKit

    The problem was that our CocoaDocs server was down, I’ve manually redeployed your version and am taking a look at the minute.

    I’ve also wrote up an article on my blog post with a lot of useful tips: http://orta.io/rebase/why-cant-i-expand/