Why Safari shows “No Inspectable Applications” during remote debugging with iOS 6 device?

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I recently had problems debugging a UIWebView in desktop Safari – and it turns out the problem was with my Xcode configuration for the app. The most recent build had been provisioned for production, rather than for Testing. After re-building the app for Testing, it showed up once more in the Safari Debug menu 🙂

An update for iOS 9 (using OSX El Capitan):

On your mobile device under Settings -> Safari -> Fraudulent Website Warning = OFF [default = ON]

This solved it for me.

If you have private browsing enabled in Settings > Safari, you will not be able to use remote debugging. If you turned off private browsing, it will work like a charm.

A few things to try:

  1. On your iPhone/iPad, double-tap the Home button to bring up the list of running apps, close Safari (or appropriate Web App), then reopen

  2. Quit/reopen Safari on the Mac

  3. Unplug/plug back in iOS device

As a side note, I can attach to Safari with private browsing enabled on the iOS device.

I had the same issue eventually I understand that the problem is with the Xcode settings.

To solve this issue:

Enable Safari Debug

First of all verify that on the device you have enabled the Safari debugger (on the device go to: Settings >> Safari >> Advanced >> Enable Debug; or iOS 9+ turn on: Settings >> Safari >> Advanced >> Web Inspector). If you’ve done this you will see your device in Safari >> Develop. if you see your device but you don’t see your application under it, instead “no inspectable application“, check your Xcode settings.


1. Change Build Configuration:

Right click on the project name (under the play/run button) and select ‘Edit Schema…’, in the ‘Edit Schema’ window under ‘Run’ tab change the ‘Build Configuration’ to ‘Debug’ (instead of ‘Release’)

2. Change the Code Signing:

Click on the project name in the files tree, to display the project settings.
Select the ‘Build Settings’ tab. Change the ‘Provision Profile’ to ‘Automatic’. Change the ‘Code Sign Identity’ to ‘iOS Developer’.

Note that changing the code signing will prevent you from release versions for production, however you will be able to debug your application.

In my case, I had Safari 10.0.2, running on El Capitan and when trying to run apps on the Simulator (iphone 7), I did not even have the Simulator option in the Safari’s Develop menu. Updating to Sierra, solved the problem.

I resolved the issue with rebuilding the app with new key – certificate (p12) and provisioning profile. My developer account and certificates expired, so it just stopped recognizing my PhoneGap app in Developer menu.

I got verything set up and then just restart your machine.

If you just installed XCode 9, do not forget to install Safari 11, or you will see “no inspecable applications”