Will my app get rejected if I place an iAd in a UITableView headerView?

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As I explained in an answer to your previous question (and another question that was closed as a duplicate): iAd appears in simulator but not on device

Apple will reject your application if
an iAd is within a table cell. iAds
are required to be in a static
position on the page, and not in any
kind of scroll view (this includes
table views). This is because iAds pay
by impression as well as by click, so
having an iAd in a table view cell
will cause it to be reloaded whenever
it scrolls off and on screen again,
which could be many times. This would
seem like “click-fraud” or similar
. Apple will not allow this.

I have emphasised the important part of the text.

  • iAds pay by impression in addition to click.
  • Table cells are unloaded/reloaded when scrolled off/on screen.
  • Reloading will cause a new request.
  • A new request will generate a new impression (if successful).
  • A new impression will generate revenue.

In addition to this, iAds in table cells are more likely to be accidentally clicked, because they can move with the table – their position is not fixed.

This section of the Apple iAd Network Contract describes fraudulent behaviour:

Disallowed artificial enhancements
include, but are not limited to, (a)
encouraging user Clickthroughs on
banners with offers of cash, prizes or
anything else of value in exchange for
services (collectively,
“Inducements”), or (b) application
design that encourages or is
reasonably likely to lead to
accidental or unintended Clickthroughs
by the user (“Unintended

I have emphasised clause (b) that would apply in this situation.

I am 99.999% certain Apple will reject an application that places iAds in table view cells.

As long as its in the self.tableView.tableHeaderView and not in a section header it will be fine. I have an accepted app that does it: http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/core-location-info/id383670716?mt=8