xcode 5: code signing identity list not complete

Just updated and used xcode 5 to to up a 2nd version of my app. But now the problem is on the code signing identity.

WHen I open up my old files from xcdoe 4.5, I see the full list of my identities there, but on this new project, there is only one developer identity listed. the rest (developer & distribution) identities are no where to be seen.

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  • I tried to reinstall the provision file again, but still nothing happens.

    Anyone facing the same problem and manged to solve it?


    3 Solutions Collect From Internet About “xcode 5: code signing identity list not complete”

    In Xode5+

    1) firstly select the provision profile

    2) than select the code signing identity

    enter image description here

    It might be possible that you missed to configure the developer account in Xcode 5. In lasest Xcode 5 Apple had changed a provisional profile settings. To see full list of the provisional profile you have to confiture your developer account using Xcode.

    Steps :

    1. Select your Xcode project file.

    2. Go to general tab.

    3. You will see dropdown for the Team click on it & configure your developer account over here. Then after you will see all the provisional profiles in Build Settings.

    enter image description here

    Hope it works!!!

    I’ve had some issues with IOS 7 and Xcode 5. If I remember correctly it required me to regenerate the distribution profile per app. I also needed to update the device list since they are dependent on the IOS version. It’s a one off task and once you are done it should behave as expected.