Xcode 5 – How to add Header Search Path and use GDataXMLNode

I am trying to use GDataXMLNode to parse an XML file. I am following the tutorial on this blog:


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  • My problem is trying to add the GDataXMLNode to my project and getting it to work. I’m supposed to do something with the configurations, add a Header Search Path, and a few other things, but every single example I’ve found online is for a previous version of Xcode. I’m currently using Xcode 5 and I have tried everything (PLEASE prove me wrong), but nothing is working the way it’s supposed to in this tutorial.

    So, any help as to how I might go about this and get it working together with my iOS project would be much appreciated. Let me know if I can expound on anything I’ve said.

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    You should select “All” in Project Settings to show all the parameters, including “Header Search Paths” and “Other Linker Flags”.

    The image to show "All"

    It’s quite easy, follow instruction but remember that GDataXMLNode does not support ARC. You can do the same instruction as Andrey. But I think it should be located in a sub-project, for example: Library.xcodeproj. If you want to organize your code formally.

    Firstly, create Library.xcodeproject, add GDataXMLNode. In Build Settings, you also include “Header Search Path” and “Other Linker Flags”. But don’t forget that GDataXMLNode does not support ARC. Go to Build Phrases, under Compile Sources menu look for GDataXMlNode.m set a Compiler Flag for it with: -fno-objc-arc
    Compiler Flag for not approve ARC
    Now, for any sub-project you want to use this library, just go to Build Settings, in User Header Search Path properties choose: ../IPLibrary/** or ../IPLibrary and choose rescursive option.
    Set header search path to use library
    Now you can include GDataXMLNode. By the way, your project looks more professional, due to lib and source code is split separately. Good luck.