Xcode 5: Multiple test targets in one scheme: “Simulator already in use”

In Xcode 5, I have a workspace with multiple projects and a scheme that should run all the test targets of the various projects. When I kick off the tests about 3 test project targets pass. So far, so good. But at the fourth test target I get an error message from Xcode telling me that the simulator can’t be launched because it is already in use.

Is there any way to kill the simulator between each test target(!) in a single(!) scheme?
Or are there other solutions?

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  • Edit: I have opened a rdar for this: http://openradar.appspot.com/15153136


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    I have come into this error whenever i try to run my functional tests using calabash. One way to do this maybe be to run a script in the after each build process to kill the simulator.

    this guy has wrote a bash script that does this

    Might be worth running this as a build phase for each test target