Xcode 6 ignoring breakpoints – Swift

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After trying many different things, I ran

defaults delete com.apple.dt.Xcode

This reset my Xcode settings. Now when I create a new project, breakpoints work fine.

I realized that the problem happened when I added Cocoapods to the project. B/c right after I ran pod install, breakpoints stopped working. I’m not sure why.

Hope this helps anyone with the same problem

I had a similar issue when I added a target to my project. Breakpoints placed in that target were ignored.

The solution was to set “Debug Information Format” in the new target’s build settings to “DWARF with dysm”

In XCode 7.1 it defaulted to DWARF

Close Xcode and remove the derived data and then reopen Xcode it will work

There can be various culprits for this, a common one being setting the build scheme to Release instead of Debug.

For me it was the Debug Optimization Level set to -O0 in my target’s build settings. Changing it to “Fast [-O, O1]” makes Xcode breakpoint-respectful again.

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There is an interesting post about it here: