Xcode: Is there a location/flag to prevent a Class from compiling?

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Note that for every source file you can specify which target(s) it belongs to – look at the inspector window for a file (Get Info) and then hit the Targets tab. If you deselect a target for a given source file then it won’t be compiled as part of the build process for that target.

[This amounts to much the same thing as what Eimantas has said in his answer – it’s just a different way of looking at it.]

Look for unneeded files in “Compile sources” in Target -> {AppName} branch. Remove them from there and they won’t be compiled on next build (make sure to Clean before you Build again)

You can use preprocessor statements:

#ifndef HIDE_<insert name here>



And then use:

#define HIDE_<insert name here>

above the aforementioned code in the files you don’t want to compile.