Xcode: LLVM 7.0: Disable warning “Umbrella header for module does not include header”

In order for my Objective-C framework to link successfully in my Swift cocoa touch framework, I had to use this unpretty workaround, which involves importing all framework headers into the project as public headers.

I totally don’t need all of them appearing in my umbrella header, so I want to somehow remove the bunch of warnings generated. (“Umbrella header for module ‘Foo’ does not include header”). I went through LLVM warning settings in the build settings, but could not found it.

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    The warning flag is -Wincomplete-umbrella, so to suppress, pass -Wno-incomplete-umbrella.

    Try setting the header role from public to project and make sure that you don’t reference any third-party headers from your own headers – only from implementations.

    Any header that is of role public must be imported into the umbrella header.