Xcode: Setting GCC_PREPROCESSOR_DEFINITIONS for different build configurations?

I want to set GCC_PREPROCESSOR_DEFINITIONS for each of my four build configurations (Debug, Release, Ad Hoc, and Distribution.) I’d like to have a different setting for each.

The screen I’m looking at is the Target Info window’s “Build” tab. When I set the Configuration pop-up to “Debug” I can see my GCC_PREPROCESSOR_DEFINITIONS setting there. When I switch to “Release,” or any of the other configurations, it’s no longer visible. Yet when I try to add it to those configurations, it says GCC_PREPROCESSOR_DEFINITIONS already exists, and that I can’t add it again.

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  • As I said, I want to have a different setting for my various builds. How can I accomplish this?

    Thanks very much.

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    Make sure there isn’t a setting called “Preprocessor Macros”. This is the same as GCC_PREPROCESSOR_DEFINITIONS.

    OTHER_CFLAGS if I understood the question right. And pass your defines like -DDEBUG or something.

    And yes, if you need to assign a value to a macro, you could do something like this – '-DSOME_MESSAGE=@"Hello, World!"'.
    Note ‘ symbols around – they are required. SOME_MESSAGE macro will be defined with @”Hello, World!” value.