Xcode: target membership of frameworks?

I have a question about the far right column of your Xcode project (image here)

Apple’s documentation tells me this about that column:

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  • Target membership. The column marked
    by the target icon indicates whether
    the file is included in the active
    target. If the checkbox next to a file
    is checked, then the active target
    includes that file.

    So what if I have #import <Security/Security.h> in my .m file, do I still need to link it with the target membership? What if a .m file has that and it’s not linked but the code works? Should I remove the line? Should I remove the framework?


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    If you don’t add it to the target, the compiler won’t find the Security framework from the other files compiled under the same target. Targets are in a way separate projects that share some common settings.